Rishis are the saints or seers of the ancient India. In Sanskrit, what we have received from the Rishis is ‘Arsha’.

Yoga, derived from the Sanskrit root ‘yuj – to join, to unite’, is that which unites. Every individual, knowingly or unknowingly, is searching for his/her sense of adequacy, self-acceptance and wholeness. And while the word ‘unite’ suggests that there are two realities that need to be united, the Rishis revealed that …

‘ekam eva advitīyam Brahman’
All that is here is the One Infinite Reality, which is who you are.

In the vision of the Rishis, ‘union’ or ‘wholeness’ is the result of self-inquiry and self-discovery of the one reality, through adequate means of knowledge.
Arsha Yoga Peetham is the place (peetham) where yoga (in the tradition of BKS Iyengar) and Vedanta is taught in keeping with the vision of the Rishis.

Upcoming Intensive Yoga Retreats

Upcoming Retreats

8 Days Intensive Yoga Retreat in Mohan Chatti
@Sahaja Retreat Camp
  4. Dec 2023 to 11. Dec 2023