Admission, Rules and Regulations

We start our retreats by gathering together in the evening before it starts. We will share few important points & a brief orientation. We recommend to arrive one day before or latest very early on the day of the commencement of the retreat.

Participants who have not yet fully paid the fees for the retreat have to clear the balance fees before the retreat starts. Once the full fee is paid it will not be refunded but can, if circumstances suggest it, be adjusted towards future retreats. To make the most of our retreat we request the participants to attend all sessions of the retreat. In case of illness or any discomfort please inform the teachers or any person of the Arsha Yoga Peetham team.

As we are in India and attending a course which is conducted inside an Ashram, it is important that the students follow the Ashram rules. It is a must to wear appropriate clothes and respect the meal timings.

We wish to create a healthy and respectful environment were vegetarianism is followed. Alcohol & drugs are strictly prohibited in the ashram. We appreciate your understanding & collaboration.

Please keep your room always locked. We highly recommend to bring and use personal locks and keys. They can also be purchased in shops nearby the ashram.

The program may slightly change. We will always keep the students updated and make sure he can make the best of it.

Students and teachers should work at all times towards a successful completion of the retreat. AYP (Arsha Yoga Peetham) reserves the right to request a participant to leave from the retreat in case of disturbing or inappropriate conduct towards the group’s harmony or if ashram rules are violated.

At the end of the retreat participants will receive a certificate confirming their successful participation in the intensive yoga retreat.

Few important points:

  • For booking taxi, train & flight you can contact the ashram’s office for support
  • Avoid outside food during the course
  • If you need, bring basic medicine with you (cold, loose motion, dehydration…)
  • Bring your bathroom accessories (paste, soap, shampoo, brush…)
  • Bring umbrella or rain coat & torch
  • No smoking or drinking of alcohol is allowed in the ashram premises.