When we reached Rishikesh on 19th May 2018, we were skeptical about how will we manage next 10 days.When our yoga retreat started, it was a complete change in our thinking and we started enjoying the course.By the time we finished our retreat, both of us felt we are going to miss everything and we started feeling vacuum  in our hearts.

Rakesh is an excellent teacher and he made us practice such asanas which were really unthinkable for us.

Parveen & Seema

Rakesh (and Diwan) have been regular students of Rudra ji for more than 10 years who was one of the closest students of Iyengar ji. They are not only teaching but living yoga. Furthermore, besides their deep understanding on anatomy, asanas, variations and sequencing, their teaching is deeply rooted in the cultural aspect of yoga. This method of teaching will make students to understand yoga and put it into their daily routine in a revolutionary way.

Erika Dalma Nagy

“Wonderfull teacher! He helps our body to wake-up and discovering the ways to development of yoga inside us. I had the privilege to learn with him and his method of learning help me to pay attention to some details that I never did before, along my ten years of yoga practice!”

João José Borges
Rakesh Upadhyay is a very dedicated teacher with passion and kindness. His teaching is very detailed but firm at the same time.  He shared his passion in Iyengar Yoga and lead me with confidence.
I can feel his attention and commitment while he teach and adjust me through out the retreat, I can understand my body better and enjoy every moment and practice easily with Rakesh.
Thanks to you very much for all your dedication and being patient while teaching me.
Tatiya Kumsub
It was my first time to practice outside of Thailand.
I choose to Arsha Yoga Peetham with Rakesh Upadhyay.
With his, encourage through 10 days, “End you can do it.  Yes Go go!  Good good…. “.
I feel his dedication and serious on teaching every student in Yoga  Path especially  Iyengar Yoga.
He can understand my fear and guide me step by step until he is sure, I can do it on my own.
With the retreat I can feel my flower growing inside  my body and mind because I met the best Iyengar Yoga teacher  Rakesh.
Goraphin Plubplung( Andy)
Rakesh Upadhyay  is a very skilful and wonderful teacher.  He understand his students posture and body thoroughly, his guidance lead students to their  maximum potential very fast with no injury.
Hataya Na Takutung

“From the very first class I have enjoyed Rakesh’s enthusiasm, patience, love of Yoga, and demeanour. He makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable.”

Dori Zelma